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I wasn't a huge fan of this episode when I first watched it.

Perhaps it was because I was three time zones away from home, I was tired, or because seeing the teaser of Jim being Dwight artificially raised expectations.
But my initial ambivalence wasn't because Michael was over the top or Creed made me sad. Rather, Michael was fairly constrained this week, organizing a good effort to fix the problem (showing management skills, for once), and that woman was a total jerk. And Creed is awesome, although I can't imagine them getting much more shocking than ruining a woman's life. That's what Creed is, though. To not like that is to miss the point.

I didn't care for the Andy subplot, and have to say I think his character isn't really worth much, even if they did make the effort to define his character. As it is, Meredith has practically been written out of the show, and Ryan, Stanley, Angela and Phyllis get big story lines one week and nothing the next.

But I watched it again Saturday with my cousins, and it came back to me. It felt like a real office, even if only for brief moments. Angela and Kelly squaring off is a wonderful pairing, and Oscar got some time for his understated, but effective style. And the no JAM was fine, because there was no time for that.

The standout thing with this episode is the dealing with a real, or sort of real, crisis such a company could face. They do tag on the unrelated imitations at the front and end, but generally, it's a paper company actually conducting some business. Some of that every so often helps justify the documentary approach to shooting.

Quick note: The Scranton Times is actually the Times-Tribune. Don't know if there was a reason to change the name, but I'm betting the paper doesn't mind the free publicity.


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