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"The Office" ladies are hot -- Jenna Fischer repeats on People's most-beautiful list and Rashida Jones makes it.

The show, and more specifically, NBC, is not. Ratings for Thursday are the worst since the modern era of ratings (about 20 years ago), and Alec Baldwin may want out of "30 Rock," whose few viewers are likely watching his greatness.

"The Office" is safe for now, having been renewed. And it wins in having affluent demographics and some of the best bounces from the revised Nielsen system, TiVo/DVR, and iTunes sales. But at some point, it may have to take a leap, ratings-wise.
Can that happen with the current format? Possibly. But if not, we may see a forced JAM relationship, or a dumbing-down of the clever dumbness on display.

I don't think that last possibility is likely. But ratings had better not go down next year, or AWTWFM may be writing a eulogy.


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