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I'd been good with doing midweek links lately. Not so this week. I'm moving across town, so that's cut into it, too. Busy, busy. But no tears, Argentina -- you just lost in the World Cup.

Moving on:

Jenna Fischer
of "The Office" fame has a very good Myspace (and yet is not running off to marry men from Jordan). Anyways, she has tons of "Office"-related tidbits, including answering some questions about the Season 2 finale and the upcoming Season 3.
She also has an "Office" shirt that you can buy online.
P.S. At some point I'll put a links page just for "Office" posts, since there's a ton of them. But not tonight.

The World Cup is ongoing, but did you know about the Third-World Cup?

Speaking of popular topics on this blog, here's a (fake) Ozzie Guillen update.

The Catch-22 of Alex Rodriguez's life.

Just a little scene of a train station (D.C.). I like photos, OK?

Speaking of photos, I ran out of other link ideas for the moment, but Winona Ryder appeared in public without stealing something, so that's noteworthy.


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