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Initial thoughts

I love the JAM thing as much as anyone. Seriously, it's one of the more genuine relationships portrayed on screen. And the season finale is probably the most complete episode of the show. But I'm really surprised that in all this happiness over their moments in the season finale, nobody seems to mind what happened.

You just can't kiss the engaged girl without reprecussions.
(EDIT: Big hint, Mike, I want your comment on this)
It just can't happen. There's gotta be some fallout. I mean, she sent out Save-The-Dates. The cost of the stamps alone.
Actually, I found one angle I hadn't thought of on one of the sites. A commenter noticed that it was a school night, as Toby said, so they all had to go to work the next day. Sounds fun.
Northern Attack has not yet recapped, so I'm hoping he addresses the issue. Sorry to be a downer, I'm always thinking big picture.

Anyways, on a less serious note...
I typed in "Casino Night" on Google News, and here are some real casino nights that have been taking place in the real world:

Creek Nation, Oklahoma
Chamber of Commerce, Virginia
U of New Hampshire charity night
U of Oklahoma student casino night
LA Lakers casino night, where Paris Hilton showed up

Also, only peripherally related, as not funny as "American Dad" often is, they had one of the best quotes I've ever seen:
"It's like Steve is America and you're "Arrested Development." It doesn't mean you're bad, it just means he's not interested in you." - Fran, explaining her son's disinterest in his father.


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