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EDIT: 9/14/05 The mainstream media has finally picked up this story. Boston Magazine is running an article on it. Here's a preview of the article, as well as More Cowbell, the guy who basically broke the story (and whom Bill Simmons borrowed his update page name from).
Also, in mid-August the story got more known on Northeastern's campus, as its Livejournal community buzzed about it.
That's right, I just research other people's stuff and collect it all for you.

I meant to post this a couple months ago, but I got distracted with finals and moving out of school. But it's worth putting up because ex-Red Sox Derek Lowe was busted for his affair with one of the women assigned to cover his new team, the LA Dodgers, and that's on top of (pardon the pun) of Johnny Damon treating his first wife like dirt and then shacking up with some hot chick. The Red Sox sure live up to their idiot label.
Arroyo was the subject of a lot of message-board gossip for his alleged affair with a 19-year-old Northeastern student, who had posted a bunch of pictures that included some with the two of them (she's since edited them out). But here's the main one.
Facebook apparently had a role in this discovery, and that link lists the alleged girl's name and everything. Not sure if it's quite that name, though. So don't contact her, please.

Maybe it's not true (right). But even so, should he really be hanging out with college freshmen for no reason when he's 28?

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